Rec-Art. Minimal. Essential Design.

From artists and nature. For your living.

We create Art with an idea: have no idea. Just create.
This is the best way to create a masterpiece. Extemporize. Never plan to create Art but just do it.
Our Art don’t follow only one road. It would be easier to say what we don’t use but…is better not to say because for sure one day we will use it. It’s just a matter of time.
Our Art is material based. We create always unique masterpieces of design because every single piece of wood, concrete or metal is different from the other.
Minimal. Clean. Doesn’t matter the material, the important is the idea. We use everything but not too much. For our special wood creations we don’t add anything more than needed to valorize the native beauty of a piece of wood sculpted by waves of sea or lake. We add only the essential to a masterpiece created by nature.